Msc student for project in R&D - Digital innovation at Radiometer Medical

Project Description:

In large corporations we often have a lot of data owners and therefore silos. To conduct effective problem solving with real-world evidence (RWE) and data analysis we need specialists to be able to use several sources of complex data to find root causes. This is a timely tasks that at current state require a lot of expertise in many areas and therefore hinders real insight and effective innovation. By focusing on a process and keeping internal customers in mind we hope to build a real business case with needs and pain points, so that we can enable complex data use in the organization for problem solving and then ultimately help caregivers make diagnostic decisions that save lives.


The project can expand into several different use cases and entry points that depends on the students skills and interests, but an ideal student would have a mix of Business, IT, Process Optimization and Innovation capabilities.

Start date: Fall semester 2023


Contact Person: Andreas Kristoffer Salk & Casper Risager Lauridsen,

Please apply via this email adress.

During the project you will be able to get Business, IT, Process Optimization and Innovation capabilities expertise and sparring from different departments – And dependent on the results the opportunity to showcase results to Senior Management.



With this project you will be able to touch a lot of tools from a large and successful corporation as Danaher that can help you in the future of the fast growing market of Digital Innovation.


Radiometer Motivation: Funnel input, conclusion and concept testing that can be directly used for further improvement in the data enablement journey.


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