Internship in Creative Development - Film Industry at Ragnarock

Internship in film Industry

Ragnarock is seeking a motivated individual with a strong interest in entertainment and a natural inclination for structure, organization, project management and storytelling. The internship will involve assisting in the review, pitching, sale, and management of original intellectual property (IP), including complete bibles and screenplays, one-page presentations, and loglines for TV series, animated series, and films to producers, studios, broadcasters, and talent agencies. 

The intern will work alongside Ragnarock founder to lay the necessary groundwork for achieving Ragnarock's short-term goal of introducing the aforementioned IPs in the European/US audiovisual market.

The tasks include:

  • Creative content: mapping the original IPs; setting the status and priority of each project; review the materials;  eventual coordinating with visual artists to fine-tune the layout
  • Research: building upon Ragnarock's existing contacts to identify relevant producers and stakeholders; scheduling meetings; budgeting
  • Implementation: submitting of the projects, attending and following up meetings

This internship offers the chance to:

  • practice communication, writing, development, goal setting and work flow management skills, setting deadlines, prioritizing tasks
  • increase level of responsibility based on performance
  • attend and participate in high profile meetings
  • develop business ideas and skills through competitive research
  • learn the fundamentals of storytelling, the development process of an IP from the idea to a full bible development 
  • learn the role of production companies, talent agencies, distributors, contracts, in film industry 
  • build valuable relationships 
  • learn on negotiating deals and contracts in film industry 

Ragnarock will offer daily assistance, personal development; it values personal initiative and original ideas and is open to establishing lasting partnerships.

Upon completing the internship, the intern may be eligible for: 

  • school credit (if applicable) and a professional reference letter. 
  • continuing with a paid collaboration towards the medium-term and long-term goal, 
  • use the contacts developed for own professional goals
  • may be eligible for a bonus for deals to which a decisive contribution has been made


To be considered for this internship, the candidate should have:

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Solid knowledge of PC/Mac and Microsoft Office (especially Excel, Access, PowerPoint, and Word)
  • Strong attention to detail, problem-solving, and organizational skills
  • The ability to interact comfortably and effectively with employees at all levels, including executive management

Experience in the following areas is a plus, but not required:

  • Academic achievement and interest in entertainment, arts, and creative business development
  • Marketing and promotion
  • Talent agency/management
  • Film production
  • Networking

Language requirements:

  • Excellent written and oral knowledge of the English language
  • Danish (plus)
  • Italian (plus)


The internship will be located in Copenhagen, but there is the possibility to work remotely from anywhere in Europe or the US. The internship can start from end of January, beginnning of February 2023, minimum 3 months. Can be part-time or full-time. There is the possibility of a collaboration calibrated to the intern's time availability.

To apply, please send your CV and a motivation letter, where you may include some of your favorite movies and TV series (also animated).

If hired, a non-disclosure agreement for the shown original material will need to be signed.

Ragnarock is a Italian organization that produces original creative  events at the national and international level (in Italy, Denmark, and throughout Europe). The company has worked with LEGO, the European Parliament, several municipalities, and mabye others. 

After over 10 years of events, the idea is to create a new area focused on the production of original content in the entertainment industry, particularly in the areas of animated TV series, TV series, and movies.

The medium-term goal is to build an organization capable of creating high-quality content both on its own IP and on commission. 

The long-term goal is to create a production company with proprietary IP that has access to financing and can develop an audiovisual product from idea to the final product taking into consideration the marketing strategy and distribution. 




Attention: Often you need a pre-approval from your university or study counselor, to ensure that projects or thesis found on SDU Jobbank will be accepted as part of your education. Please contact the right entity in due time to ensure that you're picking the right project.