MSc Project: Suistainable production of eco-friendly rodent pest management of the future at University of Copenhagen

In this MSc. project, the candidate will join a team of researchers, dedicated to ending our dependence on toxic chemicals for rodent pest management.

TriptoBIO is a Danish biotech startup, pioneering the use of state-of-the art fermentation technology for biosustainable  production of high value plant natural compounds. The first product that TriptoBIO will bring to market is triptolide, used for Contraceptive Rodent Pest Management (CRPM), as an eco-friendly alternative to currently used  toxic rodenticides, which spread into  our environment, killing threatened wildlife.

A yeast strain for production of triptolide has been established and is currently being optimized for industrial scale production of triptolide to supply the growing US market. 

During the MSc. project, the student will, in close collaboration with the strain engineers, characterize the biosynthetic output from the yeast strains being generated. This includes monitoring the levels of known compounds by UHPLC-HRMS, laboratory fermentation of promising strains for purification and structure elucidation of unknown shunt-products  (by 1D- and 2D-NMR analyses) to evaluate the potential use of these as novel active pharmaceutical ingredients. 

As MSc. student you will join a small and interdisciplinary team with expertise ranging from molecular biology, analytical chemistry, chemical engineering, fermentation science and entrepreneurship. 

TriptoBIO is part of the VentureLab programme at the BioInnovation Institute, hence the candidate will be exposed to the heart of biotech start-up community in Copenhagen.

The MSc candidate will be supervised by Head of R&D Kenneth Kongstad from TriptoBIO and Professor Dan Stærk from Department of Drug Design and Pharmacology, University of Copenhagen.

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