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Developer co-founders/teammembers for a global SaaS-project with a 1. version at Sequel

Remark: We build the platform a little further, test and apply for funding - so the economical carrot is when we are funded and we use Spicing Pie Model in order to split startup equity. 

Passionate and persistent co-founders/team members in Copenhagen or Aarhus, Denmark, to further development of the platform (enhancing login and profile) made in collaboration with a group of 10 ITU-students and a scrum master after my pitch at International Software Engineering 2021. The students used the platform and project as their examination. The professor called it an amazing project.

The platform

A deep social, serious and genius global platform with intuitive structure og Apple-style, document handling, co-work between customers and scientific co-work.

Technologies used (as the students described them):

EF Core eases the process of handling C# objects in a database

Blazor is a web-assembly framework that makes it possible to use C# to build web apps

Bootstrap is a mobile first oriented framework that can handle web page styling

Docker + Azure Database, which store the data of the users

Xunit + Moq for testing the code

Discord was used as a communication channel
There will be a webshop and an API or several API´s

If you know AI, maschine learning and Cloud it´s a big advantage as it will be based on those technologies - or else we will find AI ressources by that time.


  • Make it ready for test-users, it's almost there, perhaps just 2 weeks work 🤗
  • Need: enhancing login and profiles and what we plan
  • Create a safe product, could be cyber security/defence/encryption

Simutaneously I look in Graduateland for a business/finance person or two who will:

  • Attract test-users and customers
  • Finish investor material (some already made)



when we are funded and we use Spicing Pie Model in order to split startup equity from incubators and funds.  

When the funding is there possibly:
Make version 2.0 based on AI, maschine learning, automated processes, Cloud-technology so if you already know some of these aspect it will be even better.
B2B: Connect publications, digital medias.


Feel free to contact me if you have any questions and send your application to:

Facebook Messenger:

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