MSc Project in the “Microbial diversity and function in Gut and Food” Research Group at Københavns Universitet

The prebiotic and probiotic content of fermented feeds makes them attractive in the development of feeding strategies that help improve gut microbiome of pigs and piglets.

We’re working in collaboration with Fermentationexperts A/S. The project aims at evaluating the effect of maternal diet supplemented with fermented rapeseed and seaweed-based feed additive (EP199) on sow and piglet gut microbiome under varying farm conditions. The MSc project is part of this collaborative project.

MSc project: You will perform bioinformatics analysis of 16S rRNA gene sequencing data to analyze the EP199-supplemented maternal diet impact on piglet gut microbiome in pre- and post-weaning phases. You may also involve in laboratory work to generate high-throughput sequencing data. Your tasks will include to conduct literature search and to write MSc thesis.     

Contact person/supervisor: Professor Dennis Sandris Nielsen,, Department of Food Science, University of Copenhagen and Assistant Professor Nilay Büdeyri Gökgöz,, Department of Food Science, University of Copenhagen.

Collaboration: Rikke Matthiesen, Fermentationexperts A/S.

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