Copenhagen Business School



Cybersecurity in the workplace at Copenhagen Business School

This SIR is a hands-on opportunity to deliver on information and policy needs expressed by the Digital Research Centre Denmark (DIREC) community’s cybersecurity project. The goal of the SIR is to co-create with DIREC an interactive compliance toolkit that features cybersecurity regulations and mechanisms used by each private or public organisation and with a particular focus on hybrid work.


Activities include: collecting and reviewing data, learning about cybersecurity toolkits, and iteratively developing a beta cybersecurity toolkit with opportunities for feedback from the community partnership. Students will get the chance to learn from guest speakers on topics of design science, user-centered compliance toolkits, and cybersecurity policies for remote and hybrid work.


The project is driven by a partnership with the DIREC research community who collaborate with private companies and the public sector on the development of new innovative products and services based on the latest digital technologies, to contribute to improve Denmark’s competitiveness. (Read more about some of their recent work here and . At CBS, the research project is run by QiQi and Torkil. It runs from 2022-2025

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