Are methane bubbles in rewetted peatlands an overlooked flux to the atmosphere? at Københavns Universitet

Rewetting of formerly drained peatlands is known to increase the CH4 emission due to wetter soil conditions, but the exact processes behind and magnitude are not well constrained. Our current best estimates of CH4 emission after rewetting relies mostly on emission factors. However, previous studies have shown that the emission factors may not represent all pathways of CH4 emission from a peatland. Special for CH4 is its ability to form bubbles in the soil that is released in bursts, which you normally do not capture with standard measurement equipment. We want to know more about how to measure these CH4 bubble bursts and possibly quantify their importance for the total flux. We have access to several rewetted peatlands in Gribskov where it is ideal to study the changes in CH4 flux dynamics with the time since rewetting. We are seeking motivated students interested in working with measurement techniques for CH4 and applying this in the field.

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