Wood pellets and sustainability at Københavns Universitet

Denmark and other countries are in the process of bio-converting coal fired power plants so they can accept wood pellets or wood chips. The demand for wood fuels will thus grow rapidly in the coming years and this has led to questions about how sustainable this development is.  A number of countries have thus imposed sustainability requirements for imported wood pellets. This project will take a look at how different countries have chosen to regulate the use of wood pellets in centralized power plants in the EU. Are these regulations sufficient to ensure environmental sustainability or are they nothing but “greenwashing” from an industry that takes advantage of the low duties on wood fuels compared to fossil fuels. Does sustainable biomass offer real GHG emission mitigation compared to coal, natural gas and marginal electricity generation? The project is conducted in collaboration with the Danish Energy Association.
Contact Niclas Scott Bentsen nb@ign.ku.dk

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