Master's or Bachelor's Thesis in collaboration with Terma at Terma

Are you a single student or a group of students that can help bring Terma forward in the use and implementation of state-of-the-art servo motor technologies? Are you excited about the opportunity to contribute directly to Terma’s mission of keeping aircrew and aircraft safe through advanced technology?

Then we have a unique opportunity for you to engage with Terma in this Thesis Collaboration.

What we do
Terma provides mission critical solutions for the defense and aerospace industry. We are guided by one overall purpose: To deliver security for countries, allies, and individuals. We operate in a variety of areas, but security is always the key. We deliver advanced technologies to keep people safe, both in peacetime and in times of conflict. Our systems provide security for people on land, at sea, and in the air. Terma puts an emphasis on diversity and brings passionate people together with different cultural and professional backgrounds.

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Project Activities
Terma is seeking a passionate team of students, or a single student, that can bridge theory and practice within the field of compact servo motor systems and motor control. The project will be a theoretical and practical exercise as Terma will support the project with a dedicated test bench.

The project shall, as a minimum, cover the following activities:

  1. Research relevant state-of-the-art compact high performance servo motor and motor control technologies.
  2. Recommend a specific motor technology and motor control strategy for the application. Argue the tradeoffs.
  3. Model the system and run simulations to predict system performance under various conditions. Verify the model using test bench provided by Terma.

The project can be tailored around these three primary activities. Other activities could include evaluation of system architectures and mechanical integration of motors.

Terma is a diverse company engaged in ground surveillance, naval solutions, airborne solutions and space programs. This thesis collaboration resides within airborne solutions, more specifically electronic warfare solutions.

As a part of an Electronic Warfare suite, the countermeasures dispenser system protects aircraft from incoming radar guided and infrared homing missiles. It works by dispensing flares or chaff away from the aircraft that act as decoys for incoming threats. Chaff and flares are traditionally dispensed from magazines that are fixed to the aircraft structure.

Terma is working on a system that will enable dynamic directional dispensing in flight, i.e. changing chaff/flare magazine orientation in flight. This thesis collaboration will study the electromechanical parts of the system by modelling, simulation and testing.

About you
We are looking for a candidate studying within the fields of Electro-Mechanical System Design, Robotics, Mechatronics or similar. Practical and theoretical experience with compact servo motor design is highly merited, but most importantly you come with a keen interest within the area and a strong motivation to learn more. You must be committed, proactive and have good communication skills.

Any knowledge of avionics and aircraft self-protection systems is not required – we will teach you.

What can Terma offer
Countermeasure dispenser systems and aircraft self-protection is a core competence at Terma. This collaboration project is a unique possibility to learn about aircraft self-protection and work with the best experts in the field.

Terma will support the project with the funds and engineering hours required to establish a test bench (at Terma Lystrup) that will support the project. Termas advanced lab facilities will be made available.

A dedicated Terma point-of-contact will support the project definition and get you connected with stakeholders within Terma.

Further information
If the above applies to you, please do not hesitate to contact Architect, Self-protection Systems, Jonathan Skovhus, +45 50 72 30 12.

We look forward to receiving your application, CV and grades as soon as possible. To ensure that your application will reach us and is properly processed, we receive applications only via

Applications will be processed continuously.

Bear in mind that candidates must be able to obtain a security clearance by the Danish Defence Intelligence Service. This entails that candidates, as a minimum, have stayed within NATO/EU for the last 7 years only interrupted by short stays abroad.

The high-tech and innovative Terma Group develops products and systems for defense, non-defense and security applications, including command and control systems, radar systems, self-protection systems for aircraft and vessels, space technology, and aerostructures for the aircraft industry.

Terma A/S is headquartered at Aarhus, Denmark. Internationally, Terma has subsidiaries and operations in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, India, Singapore and the U.S.

Application deadline:
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