Project on taking UI/UX to the next level at ServiceLinkr

  1. Problem
    ServiceLinkr is newly established SaaS provider. Helping manufacturers of high-tech machines. Our offering consists of software supporting our clients in servicing their end-clients online. The offering is now ready to scale. Our assessment is that the functionality is in place, but an improved UI/UX on both applications could increase usage and client satisfaction. Ultimately, lead to increasing growth of the company.
  2. Project description
    We would like an analysis of current web app and Backoffice applications. In addition, have recommendations for improvements including templates for font, color, and layout etc. If your solutions will be successful, it might be applied on our web app and Backoffice application on live.
  3. Resources
    Our CEO will be the main contact person. We expect you to work independently with a weekly sparring session with our CEO. You will be given access to a sandbox environment of our system. We are experts on IT, but not on UI/UX, so we expect you to be able to analysis and solve the issue, while getting feedback from us on the solution.
  4. Motivation for the student
    You will learn about life in a software company and how to grow a startup. You will also get insight on how our company operates from A-Z. You have the possibility to do work that could make a big impact in real life. We are a growing company and are looking to hire resources in future. It would be obvious hiring you, if you perform well and both of us would enjoy sharing a beer after work! šŸ˜Š

Looking forward to hearing from you!

CEO at ServiceLinkr

Jon Poulsen

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