Games student needed for software project on world's first motion controller for mobile at UDU

Haaave you met UDU? 🚀

UDU is an innovative tech and gaming startup developing the world's first motion controller for mobile gaming.

The UDU Console is changing the way we game, combining elements of physical and digital play to create brand-new, immersive experiences.

Our mission is to improve quality of play for kids of all ages, by moving gaming off the couch and out into the world. ☀️

The Console uses cutting edge technology to create unique and captivating interactions between you, your phone, and your surroundings:

  • Machine learning algorithms track and recognize movements, gestures, and touches,
  • Advanced haptics provide life-like feedback, using custom-designed audio files to imitate physical touch,
  • LED and visual displays create color, light, and graphic feedback, and
  • Deep click squeeze and trigger buttons control the Console and in-app gameplay.

By pairing the console with a mobile phone, UDU is reinventing the way we see and feel mobile games, and where we play them.

The project 🔥

UDU is looking for a talented game development or software student interested in exploring the technology behind these experiences. This can include:

  • Exploring gameplay mechanics in Unity and C# to create captivating in-app experiences along side the console.
  • Exploring the use of BLE to establish a secure, reliable, and fast connection between the console and mobile device.
  • Exploring the use of machine learning algorithms to recognize console movements and gestures from motion sensor data, at different times and in different contexts.
  • Exploring the use of haptics to create custom and life-like feedback during gameplay.
  • Exploring algorithm design of game-play logic and systems

There are many opportunites to form a fruitful collaboration depending on the student's academic interests. UDU is happy to meet and discuss the possibilities!

Overall, an ideal project will contain a research and exploration phase, leading to a prototyping and implementation phase, concluding with an analysis of findings and suggestions for future development.

The student will work closely with UDU's development team, including Lead Software Developer Sarah, Mechanical Engineer Henrik and Game Designers Rasmus and Alexander. The student will have access to all members of the team for support and collaboration. UDU will also ensure that the student has access to any materials necessary for research and prototyping, including 3D printers, iOS and Android test devices, motion sensors, haptic motors, etc.

You 💃

We are looking for someone who:

  • Is studying in or around Copenhagen
  • Has experience with game development in some of the technologies mentioned above
  • Communicates effectively and enjoys working as a part of a team
  • Is ready to hit the ground running!

If you are a person who’s driven by making innovative, new and impactful games and want to make a difference with us, please reach out to us at!

We're looking forward to meeting you!

Attention: Often you need a pre-approval from your university or study counselor, to ensure that projects or thesis found on SDU Jobbank will be accepted as part of your education. Please contact the right entity in due time to ensure that you're picking the right project.