A CRISPR/Cas9 approach to elucidate environmental sensing through the FERONIA receptor at København Universitet

Project description:

Wanted: Genome Engineer Opportunity for joint Master thesis in Fuglsang & Marquardt lab: “A CRISPR/Cas9 approach to elucidate environmental sensing through the FERONIA receptor” Research Question: FERONIA represents a receptor that plants rely on to sense the environment. We found novel RNA isoforms that are derived from the DNA sequence of the Arabidopsis FERONIA gene. These isoforms could represent new molecular strategies that plants use to sense and signal about their environment. The Fuglsang lab with an interest in FERONIA signaling and the Marquardt lab with an interest in RNA isoforms are offering a joint M.Sc. project to address this question. Your role: You will learn about and apply CRISPR/Cas9 to genetically engineer the FERONIA locus. Your aim will be design and generate mutants to clarify FERONIA RNA isoforms derived from a single gene. Since many genes have many alternative isoforms, your project will equip you to dissect the function of genes with a 2020 knowledge framework. You will use fluorescence imaging to track transgene-free CRISPR/Cas9 genome engineering, and to quantify gene expression and test the role of isoforms on FERONIA expression. This M.Sc. project will equip you with a cutting-edge understanding of next-Generation Sequencing based approaches to study gene expression. You will use your CRISPR/Cas9 mutants to address mechanisms of plant-environmental sensing and signaling through FERONIA. Contact details: Sebastian Marquardt & Anja Thoe Fuglsang sebastian.marquardt@plen.ku.dk atf@plen.ku.dk

Methods used:CRISPR/Cas9 , Fluorescence imaging, next generation sequencing, signaling assays
Keywords:CRISPR, Environment, Imaging, Sequening, Gene expression
Project home page:https://cpsc.ku.dk/meet-the-scientists-page/sebastian-marquardts-group/
Supervisor(s):Anja Fuglsang and Sebastian Marquardt

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