AAAR: Arythmic Arabidopsis Antisense Regulation at København Universitet

Project description:

We have discovered a fascinatingly long miRNA transcript that extends into the master regulator of diurnal flowering in Arabidopsis. In this project we are employing a suite of cutting-edge molecular tools (CRISPR/Cas9, microRNA, CRISPRi/dCas9, antisense transcription, NGS) to elucidate the function of miRNA-derived antisense transcription.

This project operates at the interface between the Wenkel and Marquardt labs. You have the opportunity to address this question in close collaboration with both labs and expert guidance by a range of experienced lab members.

Please contact us by email to discuss next steps.

Methods used:CRISPR/Cas9, microRNA, CRISPRi/dCas9, antisense transcription
Keywords:CRISPR, miRNA, antisense transcription, circadian rhythm, molecular mechanisms of adaptation
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Supervisor(s):Stephan Wenkel, Sebastian Marquardt

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