Student project, Product Development and Design at Embicom

Hej SDU students,

I am looking for designers and product developers to have a workshop with me to improve an existing prototype of my product, Laptop Hat.

Laptop Hat is a tool that shields your laptop from reflective sunlight and unwanted glances to improve laptop usage. It solves two problems:

1) Screen reflection will be blocked to enable outside work in your garden or on your balcony

2) Your privacy is secured. People on the train can no longer look into your screen.


I am hosting a workshop where I will present the current prototype and value proposition. Together we will explore design and material opportunities to improve the product. Your thoughts will have a direct impact on the final version that will be sent into production after the workshop.


If possible, we will have the workshop in person at SDU. If not, we will do it online. Information will follow


Thursday, 20th of May, from 3-5 pm. To have a nice Thursday afternoon I will bring snacks and drinks.

What is in it for you?

You can proudly claim to be involved in the product development of a Danish startup and signal this to future employers. Also, you will receive a special signed Laptop Hat from the initial production batch.

What to do now?

Sign up via email here or text me on Linkedin (

Also, you are welcome to join with some friends of yours!

If you want to check out the prototype that we are going to improve you can follow here:

Cheers, Max

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