Water in hot chocolate: from heat-resistant chocolate to mousse at Institut for Fødevarevidenskab - Københavns Universitet

Water in hot chocolate: from heat-resistant chocolate to mousse

Chocolate makers says that mixing water and chocolate is absolutely a “no go”. But, mixing water and chocolate can produce structures with unique properties such as heat resistance or low-fat foams. This project will study the effect of different parameters on the rheology and texture of water/chocolate mixtures.

Addition of water on chocolate can alter the structure and properties of the material. Depending on the conditions, the resulting product may vary from a heat resistant hard chocolate matrix to a chocolate mousse. On one end, heat resistance is important for consumption of chocolate in hot climates, where the chocolate bars melt in the hot weather. On the other end, chocolate mousses high in water content can offer a tasty low-calorie dessert. In this project the effect of water content, temperature, mixing, and additives on the structural, rheological, and textural properties of water/chocolate mixtures will be studied. Dark, milk, and white chocolates will be considered. The mechanical properties of the produced matrices will be analysed in a rheometer and texture analyser, while structure will be studied using microscopic methods. Melting behavior will be studied using differential scanning calorimeter or alternatively low field NMR. Open questions: How is water structurally incorporated in the chocolate matrix? Can the observed hardness be explained by the structural modifications? Does water addition affect the melting behavior of fat?

Contact persons/supervisors:

Ourania Gouseti, ourania@food.ku.dk , Tel.

Jens Risbo, jri@food.ku.dk, Tel. 35 33 32 24

Franciscus Winfried J van der Berg, bd@food.ku.dk, tel. 35333545

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