Incorporation of oil/fat in plant-based cheese alternatives for desired mouthfeel at Institut for Fødevarevidenskab - Københavns Universitet

Incorporation of oil/fat in plant-based cheese alternatives for desired mouthfeel.

Cheese is about 50% fat (dry matter), which hugely determines its sensory and nutritional properties. This project will study incorporation of oil/fat in plant-based gels for dairy-free cheese alternatives that consumers like.


Research and demand for plant-based cheese alternatives are increasing for reasons such as sustainability and health. While it is well established that fat is key in determining the sensory and nutritional properties of dairy cheeses, incorporation of oil/fats in plant-based dairy-free alternatives is still largely empirical. In this project, incorporation of oil/fat in pea-based matrices (including pea protein isolates and minimally refined pea flours) will be considered. First, the oil holding capacity of the materials will be evaluated by immersing them in excess of oil and eliminating free oil by centrifugation. Then, adsorption of the material on oil/water (O/W) interfaces will be studied using methods such as interfacial tension, contact angle, confocal microscopy, zeta-potential. Finally, the oil-containing materials will be fermented, and the product will be characterised using methods such as rheology, texture analysis, and protein analysis. The produced gels will be digested using in-vitro methods to determine protein digestibility.

Contact person / supervisor:

Ourania Gouseti, email:

Poul Erik Jensen, tel. 35333340, email:

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