Exploring the potential of oat and oat/pea mixtures as plant-based cheese alternatives at Institut for Fødevarevidenskab - Københavns Universitet

Exploring the potential of oat and oat/pea mixtures as plant-based cheese alternatives.

While plant-based dairy-free cheese alternatives can offer sustainable, healthy food options, they are often rejected due to poor texture. This project will study the potential of oat & oat/pea mixtures in developing cheese gels.


One challenge in developing plant-based dairy-free dairy alternatives is to achieve the desired organoleptic characteristics, comparable to the relevant dairy foods. In this project, the potential of oats to form cheese-like matrices will be evaluated. First, oats will be milled to produce oat flours, which will be characterised (using methods that include CHNS for elemental analysis and SDS-PAGE for protein characterisation). Then, oat flour will be suspended in aqueous media and will be fermented to produce a gel. The rheology and texture of the resulting gels will be evaluated. The gels will be further pressed, and their mechanical properties will be compared to those of dairy cheeses. Oat/pea mixtures at a range of ratios will also be considered as cheese-making alternatives using the same methodology. The final gels will be digested using in-vitro methods to determine protein digestibility.

Contact person / supervisor:

Ourania Gouseti, email: ourania.food@ku.dk

Poul Erik Jensen, tel. 35333340, email: peje@food.ku.dk

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