Co-founder with experience in product/interactive design at BlindingVibes

Co-founder with experience in product/interactive design

BlindingVibes is looking for a co-founder for our project. We are developing a haptic controller where we use vibration feedback to allow blind and sight-impaired to play video games. To ensure that we get content for the controller we are developing software that can be used by game developers to produce accessible games that can be played with our controller.


The team consists of software student Emil and Nanotech/hardware guy Dev.


We envision an inclusive future where everyone can play together. We want our product to be compatible with mainstream games, and make it possible for blind players to play those games. We want to have an impact on the fight against loneliness and isolation among people living with a disability, which has become even more vital with Corona.


We have evaluated a prototype that guides the player through a virtual maze where the player gets information about how to navigate the maze through vibrations on the fingertips.

We need

We are looking for someone with education or other experience with interaction/production/UX design who can help us design the controller, the interaction patterns and evaluate prototypes with our users.

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