Platform developer needed at Royal Danish Academy

  • Unpaid position*

We are a cross-disciplinary team of architects and strategic designers working on a collaborative master thesis project between Copenhagen Business School (CBS) and the Royal Danish Academy (KADK), and Henning Larsen.

About the project - In Denmark, the housing sector is the most significant contributor to carbon emissions and energy consumption in the built environment. At the same time, floor area per capita continues to rise. Therefore, it is critical to address the 'spatial consumption' of dwellings by unlocking the existing urban fabric's potential and promote a higher degree of interdependency between residents, their space, and the surrounding environment.

We will develop a digital platform to achieve 'sufficiency' outcomes and reduce the need to build further. The ambition is to fulfill the residents' social and spatial needs at a real-world site in Copenhagen while remaining within ecological limits.

Accordingly, we are looking to bring some additional members to the team. We are looking for a platform developer, a full-stack developer interested in the topics mentioned above. They must have technical competencies in developing digital platforms for mobile and web applications and communicate in English.

Thank you!

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