Msc student wanted for thesis project: Starch in traditional cheese production at KMC AMBA

KMC is looking for a master student to help us learn more about the possibilities for addition of potato starch in traditional mozzarella cheese production.

The aim of the project is to explore and elucidate if potato starch can be added to increase the yield in natural cheese production. This is performed by production of traditional mozzarella cheese with addition of different amounts of modified and native starches, and by evaluating and optimizing process parameters. If possible, a quantification of starch left in the cheese and in the whey is performed. Furthermore, the consequences on different macroscopic cheese properties are evaluated.

At KMC we have an extensive knowledge and experience in using modified starch in processed cheese and analogue cheese systems. At KMC Headquarter in Brande we have an application center with pilot scale equipment to produce processed cheese, but not the possibilities to produce traditional cheese. The experimental work is therefore performed at University of Copenhagen. Optimally you also develop a model system for further testing.

KMC is a cooperative owned by the potato farmers. We have a turnover for 2 billion DKK where more than 90% is export. We sell native potato starch and modified starches. Our application group consist of 22 people situated around the world consisting and technicians, specialist and technical sales managers.

Please contact us for further information: Application specialist Lærke Hansen, +4540648885,

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