MSC project: The influence of fat in cheese powder on chemical composition, flavour at Institut for Fødevarevidenskab - Københavns Universitet

MSC project: The influence of fat in cheese powder on chemical composition, flavour compounds and sensory characteristics.

Cheese flavour has been the main driver for cheese powder application in food systems. However, in addition to this, cheese powders can build up functionality when applied in specific food products such as emulsification, improved texture, baking stability etc. Cheese powder contains 40-47% of milk fat. The structure and composition of fat (i.e. crystallization, droplet distribution, fatty acid profile) may differ depending on the cheese type and the presence of ingredients such as emulsifying salts. Therefore, the fat composition in the cheese powder applied in a given system will also influence its final functionality and sensory properties.

This project is in collaboration between University of Copenhagen and Lactosan A/S. Lactosan is located in Ringe in Funen and is one of the pioneers in the development and production of cheese power solutions for the food industry with comprehensive knowledge within its field. The student(s) will have the opportunity to visit the company and learn more about cheese powders and the company environment.

The aim of this project is to obtain better understanding of the role of fat in cheese powder, both in relation to the chemical composition of the fat fraction and the sensory properties of fat in cheese powders. Therefore, we aim to analyse a set of different cheese powders regarding its fat composition and properties.

There are several opportunities in this project depending on the specific interest of the student(s), and it is possible to have more than one student working on different aspects of the project.

Suggested focus areas could be:

Characterization the fat profile of different cheese powders – i.e. amount of free fat, fatty acid composition, amount and composition of mono-, di- and triglycerides and free fatty acids

Characterization of aroma compounds focusing on fat derived compounds

Description of sensorial properties of cheese powder focusing on flavour, mouthfeel and texture related to the fat fraction.

Contact person / supervisor:

Characterization of fat profile:
Anni Bygvrå Hougaard (

Aroma or sensory analysis:
Sandra Stolzenbach Wæhrens ( and Jing Liu (

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