Bachelor or Master Thesis on Urban Mobile Robots: Safety sensors for Urban areas at Capra Robotics ApS

Capra Robotics creates mobile robotic platforms especially suited for outdoor or outdoor/indoor use. Our Vision is To Create Mobile Robots That Help People Everywhere. Our solution allows our customers to focus on their specific application providing them with a better business case.

From 1st of January 2021, it would be legal to test Mobile robots in the public domain in Denmark. A new Law we have helped on its way.

One of our primary markets are what we call Mobile Urban Robots. Amongst other projects, we have just entered a Smart City Robot project with the Municipality of Aarhus, regarding picking up Cigarette Butts in the Urban Area. 18 mio. cigarettes are smoked in Denmark each day, 25% are thrown afterwards in Urban areas, making it the most frequent polluting item. We want to help with this problem.

For solutions, as described, to be possible, amongst other, we need to be able to move safe around static objects like buildings, poles, curbs and moving objects like pedestrians, kids, adults, trollers, dogs, etc.

The latter mostly incidentally Co-existing and not necessarily aware or acquainted to Urban Mobile Robots.

This calls for use of an adequate mix for slow moving mobile robots in Urban areas. Furthermore, the sensors should be inexpensive and in fusion be able to cope with all weather and all situations.

Our proposal for your Master Thesis, is that you (and your group if more) explore and test this possibility on our robots.

All needed equipment will be available

You would be able to do your thesis within the areas of:

  • AI and image and Context recognition
  • Advanced robot technologies
  • Embedded systems
  • Computer vision
  • Ultrasound
  • Passive listening
  • ToF
  • Solid State LIDAR
  • mWave (radar)
  • Other relevant sensors

At Capra Robotics we are team players, and you will have all the sparring you need. You will have ample opportunity to “nerd” and bring your suggestions and/or new ways to solve the challenges to the table.

About you
We expect you to be a pleasant and gifted person, willing to be a part of a work environment with a high innovation overlay, initiative, curious, a team player, self-driven, passionate about mobile robots and mobile platforms and willing to make an effort to become part of our team.

It is important that you are passionate about robot development and technology. Besides it will definitely be a plus if you have conducted projects within the area.

We offer
Lots of challenges and opportunities for professional development in a work environment with a great sense of humor and close cooperation with peers – internally/externally. You will be working on equal terms with your colleagues and with ample opportunities for help and sparring.


If you have any questions as to this opportunity, please contact our CTO Mads Bendt on phone 20777077 or mail to Capra Robotics ApS is situated in Hasselager, a suburb south of Aarhus, with several public transportation connections from Aarhus C.

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