MSC project: Towards digital product design methods at Institut for Fødevarevidenskab - Københavns Universitet

MSC project: Towards digital product design methods

There is a growing interest to develop new sustainable plant based products. In order to accelerate New Product Development we will need to adopt “digital approaches”. Knowledge maps, commonly used from digital industries, will be developed to categorise existing knowledge and design future products.


There is a wealth of knowledge for structuring proteins. The work will involve building a map of the transformations occurring during converting plant materials to soft solids with textures similar to well established soft dairy products, e.g. yogurt. Knowledge maps are commonly used from digital sector, e.g. Google to organise knowledge and underpin a digital innovation system. First, a concise review of the existing literature, including scientific and culinary, will be carried out and it will then be implemented into a map. The map will finally be used to identify the potential of using different “conditions” and formulations to make new products.

Contact person / supervisor:

Prof. Serafim Bakalis:

Prof. Lilia Ahrné:

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