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Graduate Programmes - what, how & when?

What is a graduate programme? What does the hiring process look like, and are the companies looking for anything particular?

7 October 13:00 - 16:30 CEST

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What is a graduate programme? What does the hiring process look like, and are the companies looking for anything particular? What can I expect if I am hired as a graduate?

Graduate programmes are popular, and more than 60 organizations in Denmark are offering this type of employment for newly graduates.

Through this mini virtuel fair with live-sessions, we wish to give you insights about graduate programmes in Denmark, and the opportunity to chat and hear presentations from a selection of companies who offers graduate programmes within your field of interest.

The event will contain following live-sessions

1.10 – 1.40 PM: Graduate programmes in general, by Djøf

  • Practical information about graduate programmes
  • How can a graduate programme be a stepping stone to your career dream?
  • The classic graduate programme and rotate systems
  • Tips and tricks to be considered for a graduate programme, in a broader perspective
  • Opportunities for graduate programmes in Denmark for all academic profiles

Meet the companies: through the live sessions below, you will learn more about graduate programmes that could be relevant for you, based on your professional interests.

1.45 – 2.25 PM: Business Administration, HR, Finance and Law

Management, sales, economics, procurement, audit, legislation, administrative procedures, strategy, logistics

2.30 - 3.00 PM: Communication, Marketing & Digitalization  

IT, media, digital platforms and communication, user-driven solutions, user needs, market research

3.05 - 3.25 PM: Innovation, Research and Development

Business development, entrepreneurship, product development, patenting, market research, benchmarking, strategic development

3.30 – 4.00 PM: STEM - Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics

IT technologies, coding, computer science, IT-safety, production, manufacturing, automation & robotics, energy technology, food, business analyst, statistics, IT development


N.B.! The live-sessions will be held in English, but questions can be asked in Danish and English.

You can join all the live-sessions you wish and are interested in.


By participating, you will:

  • get information about graduate programmes as a hiring method, and the career possibilities it can lead to
  • get an understanding of the classic graduate recruitment process, and what the companies are looking for
  • get an overview of graduate programmes in Denmark
  • hear presentations from companies offering graduate programmes, and the possibility to chat with relevant company representatives.
  • clarify if graduate programmes could be relevant for you to apply for

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