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A career with us, is a career in a forward looking, ambitious and people-oriented company

When the world is changing, and our core markets are under pressure, we sharpen our strategic focus on the products, brands, processes, and consumer experiences that really make a difference. When competition is fierce, we outperform our competitors with stronger brands and a more engaged and efficient workforce. And when old ways of working no longer apply to today’s challenges, we find new ways of learning from each other and working together as a winning team.

Our passion sets us apart

Our work goes well beyond making and selling a product. We strive for more. For us, it’s not enough to meet the standard – it’s our responsibility to raise it.

We’re in a position to steer the industry towards an ethical, responsible, and sustainable tomorrow. It is our responsibility to act with integrity and lead with forward-thinking that inspires others to follow.

Our courage enables us

We didn’t reach our leading position looking backwards. Building a business in a highly regulated industry takes people who are passionate, relish challenges and love to innovate their way out of them. That’s why we don’t operate with dusty conventions and hidden agendas. We cultivate courage and challenge the status quo. If you show us curiosity and engagement, we’ll give you the freedom and opportunities to go as far as you dare.

We don’t just share the same roof; we share our knowledge, resources and expertise to pull each other up and push each other forward. When we combine our perspectives and work together to deliver results, strive for simplicity, and beat our competition, we become a part of something bigger than ourselves – a winning team that has what it takes to go the distance.

If there’s anything being a large international company has taught us, it’s that people are different, and there’s strength in diversity. Because of this, we will not force you into a pre-defined career development program. We work alongside you to put together a career that’s just right for you, your potential and your goals.