Master's Thesis: Vaccine prioritization in Denmark hos Institut for Fødevare- og Ressourceøkonomi - Københavns Universitet

There is a lot of very recent work on vaccinations in the wake of the COVID pandemic. These have addressed questions of how the vaccines should be allocated and priced [1] and how equity concerns affect these decisions [2].
There have also been studies on how economic incentives can be used to increase vaccine supply [3] as well as seemingly paradoxical findings that partial vaccination can be harmful to society [4].

In short, this is an incredibly relevant area that the top game theorists worldwide are currently working on.

What to write?

A thesis on this topic should include a formal model with a basic game-theoretical analysis. It should also contain a practical description of the relevant vaccination procedure, for instance focusing on the case of Denmark. If relevant, computer simulations can be used to illustrate the theoretical findings.


Postdoc Jens Gudmundsson

Section for Production, Markets and Policy (IFRO)

Rolighedsvej 23, 1958 Frederiksberg C, Denmark

+45 35326197 //


[1] Akbarpour, Budish, Dworczak, Kominers “An Economic Framework for Vaccine Prioritization“ (2022)

[2] Pathak, Sönmez, Unver, Yenmez ”Fair Allocation of Vaccines, Ventilators and Antiviral Treatments: Leaving No Ethical Value Behind in

Health Care Rationing” (2021)

[3] Castillo et al. ”Market design to accelerate COVID-19 vaccine supply” (Science 2021)

[4] Talamas and Vohra ”Go Big or Go Home: A Free and Perfectly Safe but Only Partially Effective Vaccine Can Make Everyone Worse Off” (2018)

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