Identify Critical Process Parameters for Virus Safety Evaluation in Biopharm hos Novo Nordisk A/S

​Does virology and patient safety awaken your scientific curiosity – then come and help us with a joint project.
The Virology team at Novo Nordisk can offer you a 15 ECTS Project Outside of Course Scope/PUK project.

​We are increasingly generating larger volumes of process data, and we therefore need your help in handling and performing big data set analysis.

​The aim is to build a database – by compiling all our existing data into a tool. This project is the first step towards the journey of making better decisions in the future when it comes to patient safety.

We will provide sufficient help and guidance in order for you to succeed.


  • Compile current virus clearance data with process data achieved from evaluation of different process steps
  • Handle data collected from selected purification steps (e.g., AIEX membrane and 20N virus filtration step)
  • Perform data analysis of the compiled data set using statistical software


  • Identify critical process parameters that may impact virus clearance capacity of specific process step(s)
  • Building a database is first step towards creating a tool for performing data driven virus clearance evaluation of API processes

​​Throughout the course of the project, we offer you to be part of the Virology team at Novo Nordisk – situated in Gentofte.

​Ideally the project begins 7th February 2022 (Block 3). Candidates following the semester system are also welcome to apply.

Bemærk: Du skal ofte bruge forhåndsgodkendelse fra dit universitet eller studievejleder for at sikre, at projekter eller specialeopgaver på SDU Jobbank vil blive accepteret som en del af dit studie. Kontakt de relevante aktører i god tid for at sikre, at du vælger det rette projekt.