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Freelance job for student with frontend development experience (JavaScript, React, Redux) hos Aarhus Universitet

About the job

Within the ERC-funded research project STANDBY, “Standing by: Pro-social Bystander Reactions to Online Political Research”, we are looking to conduct a range of experiments using a ‘Mock social media platform’. On such a platform, research participants will have a feeling of engaging with a social media platform like for example Facebook or Twitter, while we as researchers have control over what material participants are exposed to. We have decided to use the Mock Social Media Website Tool, which is an open-source web application (see https://docs.studysocial.media). However, for our specific research purposes we would like to add some features to the already developed application.

We are looking for

We are looking for a skilled student assistant with a background in computer science with experience in web development (see specific requirements below) to implement the required features. The job is estimated to be done within 150 hours of work. The job is flexible in terms of when exactly the candidate is working on the project and can be done remote. However, the project needs to be finished before December 20, 2021. Start date is as soon as possible.

Your profile

You are studying computer science or equivalent, and have a few years left before you graduate. You have acquired an affinity to programming in JavaScript. Ideally, you also have experience with the relevant libraries / frameworks used in the app:

  • Nodejs
  • ReactJs
  • Redux
  • MySQL

To get a feel for the application’s architecture, we invite interested applicants to have a look at the source code of the application: https://github.com/arvinsroom/mocksocialmediawebsite

About us

The STANDBY-project is hosted at the Department of Political Science, Aarhus University, and lead by Professor Lasse Lindekilde (see https://ps.au.dk/forskning/forskningsprojekter/standby). The programming project will be supervised by postdoctoral candidate, Simon Tobias Karg.

Application deadline

Please send in your application by November 9th (24:00, UTC+1). Applications should include a motivational cover letter and a CV (in English). Including examples of prior work is strongly encouraged.

Any questions regarding the position should be forwarded to Simon Tobias Karg, simonkarg@ps.au.dk.

Bemærk: Du skal ofte bruge forhåndsgodkendelse fra dit universitet eller studievejleder for at sikre, at projekter eller specialeopgaver på SDU Jobbank vil blive accepteret som en del af dit studie. Kontakt de relevante aktører i god tid for at sikre, at du vælger det rette projekt.