Redesigning the backend interface of a CMS with high ideals hos parentNode

Who we are

parentNode is a web agency with a holistic approach to development. That means there is more to it for us than just work. We actually like making the world a better place through programming and we think success is about more than meeting the deadline. We favor clients with regenerative/sustainable purposes or who otherwise serve the common good.

What we do

To us, sustainable web development means creating websites that are energy-efficient, long-lasting, easily maintainable, and backwards compatible. In order to achieve this, we have developed our own web development framework based on PHP, JavaScript, SEO-optimized markup and advanced device detection. These four pillars are represented, respectively, by the projects Janitor, Manipulator, Templator, and Detector.

We apply these frameworks to provide custom made websites, applications and services for our clients.

The project

Janitor is our PHP-based framework and content management system. We are looking for Digital Design student that would be inspired by the task of redesigning the UI/backend/administration interface of Janitor. The interface contains many different form and interaction elements and is characterized by its ease of use.

By working with us on this project, you would test your design skills in an environment where you will work with design constraints born out of many years of real world experience from the intersection between programming and design – where the user experience is highly prioritized. At the same time you would be working in a culture where we take pride in choosing “the right solution” rather than chasing quick economic gains.

As we work as a distributed team, you will be free to work from wherever you like. We would stay in touch by way of Slack, Trello, phone, and recurring meetings in the Copenhagen

Bemærk: Du skal ofte bruge forhåndsgodkendelse fra dit universitet eller studievejleder for at sikre, at projekter eller specialeopgaver på SDU Jobbank vil blive accepteret som en del af dit studie. Kontakt de relevante aktører i god tid for at sikre, at du vælger det rette projekt.