Help us develop a basic augmented reality functionality) hos ServiceLinkr

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  1. Problem
    Our issue is to remotely service end-users of high-tech machines in a production facility, without having a service technician to visit them. The purpose is to solve the issue of the end-user faster. As an example: The machine is broken and cannot produce goods for the manufacturer. Normally, the end-user would call a service technician, who would physically visit and repair the machine. Examine how augmented reality could prove helpful in this regard.
  2. Project description
    We would like an augmented reality video application, where the user of Windows PC should be able to use his finger to point at items, that the mobile user is looking at his location. For example, if the user of the mobile device is having an issue with a machine, the user of the Windows PC can show where to adjust the machine by pointing with his finger. A webcam will record the fingers of the Windows PC user and his finger(s) will appear on the screen of the mobile user. Only the user of the Windows PC could have additional hardware, such as a webcam recording his fingers, which is connected to the Windows PC. You can build on top of our current video application in a sandbox environment. If your software solution will be successful, it might be applied on live.
  3. Resources
    Our CTO will be the main contact person. We expect you to work independently with a online weekly sparring session with our CTO. You will be given access to a sandbox environment of our system. We are not experts on augmented reality, so we expect you to be able to solve the issue, while getting feedback from us on the solution. Ideally, you have previous experience with similar technology.
  4. Motivation for the student
    You will learn about life in a software startup and how to work with augmented reality. You will also get insight on how our system is built from QR code, web app to Backoffice application. In addition, you have the possibility to develop software that will make a huge difference in real life. We are a growing company and look to hire IT resources in future. In this regard, it would be obvious hiring you, if we both like sharing a beer after work as well :-)
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