4th member of student project in the SDU Entreprenurship Talent Programme hos University of Southern Denmark


Come be a part of out entrepreneurship story and the 4th and mutual member of our team!


We are three motivated and ambitious students from SDU, who are embarking on an entrepreneurial journey and we are searching for an equal team member. We are currently enrolled in an entrepreneurship talent program that started October 2020 hosted by SDU. This is where we meet and where our Idea was born.


Our Idea is a modular wall system made from natural wooden material with a node to danish design. The product will allow personalization & function. We have come a long way and have created a mounting system that has not been seen before.


  • Curious and like to create new products.
  • Eager to make a difference and become an entrepreneur.
  • Willing to become a mutual part of a team and good collaboration skills.
  • Confident in communicating in English.
  • Study related competencies like graphic/ industrial design, interior architecture/ design or similar.
  • Have the capacity to spend at least 3 hours a week on the team for the upcoming months.


  • Being part of an entreprenial journey.
  • Become a mutual member of our team and social group.
  • Being part of a project which is supported through the ressources and network of the SDU Entreprenurship Talent Programme.
  • Participate in the nation wide Venture Cup with our idea.


Are you interested and eager to participate? Then contact us at albuh17@student.sdu.dk.

We are open for questions. Send us an email introducing yourself, interest in the product development and what you can contribute with.

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