Design an online interactive Hub for the Arts hos Whyte Raven cultural aid

Whyte Raven cultural aid is a start-up non-profit organization created to support the Arts. We want to build an online Art Hub. The Hub should be a fun, dynamic and interactive portal with easy access to the various platforms it will host. Users will be both members and visitors. Members will join with a subscription and visitors with email login. Users may create their own avatar to use on the site. Some of our ideas include:

Virtual art rooms and live stream working studios for artists to visit and relate to each other during an arranged time.

Virtual gallery where avatars can move through different categorized spaces

Ticketed live streaming events

Education webinairs over three podiums: children, adults and elder students, providing guided hands on fun and crafts for kids at home through to certificated art history lessons. There will be a YouTube channel for teachers.

Networking: the Hub will host a forum with artists to connect, find assistance and receive guidance in seeking funding and grants.

A noticeboard for art teachers, art students, art enthusiasts and Art auctions. Links to Art consultants and curators giving advice (fee based)

A blog and Art News channel.

We are seeking a graduate with passion and enthusiasm for great design and who is keen to make a splash in the cyber-world pool. The project should not take longer than 3 months and as we will be using a Danish IT firm to build the Hub, a working knowledge and understanding of Danish language and the Danish IT business is essential. If successful, there could be an ongoing arrangement with the organization.

Bemærk: Du skal ofte bruge forhåndsgodkendelse fra dit universitet eller studievejleder for at sikre, at projekter eller specialeopgaver på SDU Jobbank vil blive accepteret som en del af dit studie. Kontakt de relevante aktører i god tid for at sikre, at du vælger det rette projekt.