When is an analysis good? Setting parameters for process control of untargeted analyses hos Københavns Universitet

In untargeted analysis we seek to analyse a large number of compounds to get as broad a view of biological processes as possible. This approach comes with the downside of very complex data and high technical variance. The variance is however not only random, but to a high degree batch dependant. We therefore do not know what a “normal” instrument response looks like for each compound we are interested in. This makes establishing appropriate parameters for system suitability checks problematic. This project seeks to use historic metabolomics data to establish appropriate limits for quality parameters for a number of selected compounds often of interest in nutritional studies. This parameters to establish limits for could include retention time shifts, peak shape, absolute instrument response and response variance. In addition “warning levels” for instrument contaminants could be established.

Key learnings: metabolomics, LC-MS, process control, univariate statistics.

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